I'm a South African-born artist who, after 47 years in my home country, spent 14 years in Connemara in Ireland. Presently I live and work on the coast in Brittany in France.


This is "Dude" (below) and he's introducing the fact that I'm going with a new concept - The Early Bird paintings (of which "Dude" is one).

The Early Birds are fresh paintings, from small studies to more formal paintings in a variety of subjects, which are here on this Early Bird page for only 30 days at low prices, for folk who are quick on the draw.

PLUS... I won't add on international shipping charges when you purchase one of these new Early Bird paintings. International Shipping Free.

It's kind of like my own version of a pop-up shop but with a twist ... an Early Bird special prices twist. 

There's more, so please check out this page:


I live a peaceful life, painting every day, using as many different mediums as I feel happy with, and I hope that this passion and compulsion keeps my work fresh and growing ... with a large stock of work for you to choose from.

I hope you find a little gem here for yourself, or as a gift for someone special, and if you do, please email me for the price at this address: lyndacookson@gmail.com

Many of my paintings, some still available and others sold by now, can be enjoyed on the Image Collages page if you'd like to have a look.

Keeping in touch is easy from my Paintings on Impulse blog.

Lynda Cookson
Bretagne, France