I'm a South African-born artist who, after 47 years in my home country, spent 14 years in Connemara in Ireland. Presently I live and work on the coast in Brittany in France.


I'm back painting with oils a lot now, after quite a lengthy break. But being the over-enthusiastic person I am, I've arranged my studio so that I can still sketch with my favourite black art pen at the comfort of my desk, play with watercolour with just a 90 degree turn of my chair, and spend hours with oils in a new part of my studio on the sun deck.

How complete and happy can one artist be!

New oil paintings are on their way ... but in the meantime, whilst the others are drying and waiting to be photographed, here's one of my favourites of Achill Island in Ireland ...

I live a peaceful life, painting every day, using as many different mediums as I feel happy with, and I hope that this passion and compulsion keeps my work fresh and growing ... with a large stock of work for you to choose from.

Many of my paintings, some still available and others sold by now, can be enjoyed on the Image Collages page if you'd like to have a look.

Keeping in touch is easy from my Paintings on Impulse blog.

I hope you find a little gem here for yourself, or as a gift for someone special, and if you do, please email me for the price lyndacookson@gmail.com

Lynda Cookson
Bretagne, France