Client References

"Dear Lynda,
Thank you a lot for the postage, i really love youre paints, for this reason I purchased three of that, I promised to take care that and be very carefully with your paints.
I really appreciatte if you can send me a little  review of each paint to put this next to the paint.
Thanks you a lot, and wish to be in contact and continΓΊe buying your paints."
and a second message:
"Many thanks for the information, i really love your pictures and I'm very impatient to recieve that and show your art to my friends.
I love the colorful and all the love and happiness of your pictures.
Be in contact and advice me when you have new beautiful pictures.
Greetings from Peru!!!"
"Perfect Lynda!!!
Yeahhh I´m really hapy!!!! This are really pretty!!!! i love it!!!!
Of course, today send to frame, and hope to give me for saturday, as soon as I have this in my wall i´m going to send you the picture!!!!"
Erick V, Lima, Peru

"I really really love the way you write. I could read your blog's all day. Your writing is so entertaining and makes me smile and giggle. I could just see you going of to the post office etc. Your choice of flowers are great. Such beautiful colors..that will brighten up any heart. So glad you got to enjoy a time out .wait I meant some time to smell the flowers, so to speak. Your studio will just be so much more beautiful with living color..looks like a great place to paint.
I think you should write fairytales .. just saying. πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸ’πŸŒΈπŸ’“πŸ’œπŸ’•"
Rita M, USA

"Lynda, I really enjoyed roaming through your art site. Lovely, cheerful and colorful bursts of life in your work. You do shine on."
Mary Reilly, USA

"Lynda produces a range of original and vibrant artwork particularly in oils. She has an extensive knowledge of styles and structure and her work includes original abstracts, portraits, the surreal, still life and landscapes.  She produced a wonderful piece for my husband’s 60th birthday portraying our family."
Lynn O'Neill, Brittany, France 

"Lynda, Paintings arrived safely and I absolutely LOVE them! Can't wait to geet them framed. There are so many more I would love to have, but one eventually runs out of wall space."
Nancy Watrous, Missouri, USA

"Hello Lynda..........its Jaco from Pretoria in South - Africa!!  Just received ur painting ......and I'm trilled is beautiful!!!!  Thank u for everything you did !    Looking forward to buying more from ur art.   Have a wonderfull festive season.   regards   Jaco"
Jaco P, Pretoria, South Africa 

"Thank you for the extras! I just love it."
Mark Lindsay, Canada

"Can't wait (to receive it). Need an original Cookson. Love the serenity and colors, although the swans that floated around our yacht in Wales were pretty feisty sometimes."
Bette Lou Cookson, USA